Community Outreach Activities

The Museum District Business Alliance invests in community-based organizations and institutions that rely upon volunteers and people engaged in service to meet the Montrose and Museum District’s community needs.

Previous Service Projects

Palmer Way Station
Providing food and service those needing meals and assistance
Nearly 400 homeless men, women and children are fed each weekday at the Way Station located in the Museum District. MDBA members and volunteers cooked and served breakfast.

The Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church is located at 6221 Main Street | Houston, Texas | 77030
FREE Parking available in a parking lot located adjacent to the building.

Hermann Park Prairie Restoration Project
Maintaining the newly-restored area at Hermann Park

Hermann Park Restoration is located at the Whistlestop Prairie, located in the main body of the park between the lake and Japanese Garden. MDBA volunteers worked on preparing the ground for a path/walkway.

Grant Recipients

In 2013, MDBA make monetary contributions to the following Montrose and Museum District nonprofit organizations.

Carnegie Vanguard High School
The mission of Carnegie Vanguard High School is to provide a unique and challenging learning environment to prepare the diverse gifted and talented students of HISD for leadership in a global society. Carnegie Vanguard is located at 1501 Taft Street, Houston, TX 77019.

Houston Tomorrow
Houston Tomorrow, formerly the Gulf Coast Institute, is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization founded in 1998 to explore urban issues and to inform the discussion of growth in the Houston region. The mission is improve the quality of life of all the people of the Houston region through research, education, and discussion.

Music Doing Good
Music Doing Good, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to inspire and transform lives through innovative, music-based programming. Music Doing Good engages, educates and enriches the community through carefully developed outreach programs and raises friends and funds through world-class concert events.

The Women’s Home
The mission of The Women’s Home is to help women in crisis regain their self-esteem and dignity, empowering them to return to society as productive, self-sufficient individuals.

University of Saint Thomas School of Nursing
The UST School of Nursing will be nationally recognized as an educational community that is an exemplar in the formation of nurses for holistic healing ministries in the 21st century healthcare environment. Building on the mission of the University of St. Thomas and its Founders, the Basilian Fathers, and nourished by the historic traditions of Catholic nursing education and service, the University of St. Thomas School of Nursing will educate nurses intellectually, morally, and spiritually in the art and science of nursing as a compassionate healing ministry.

Woodrow Wilson Montessori School
Located in the Montrose area of Houston, Woodrow Wilson has served Houston students since its construction in 1924. In February of 2005, HISD and Friends of Montessori (FOM) entered into an agreement to create HISD’s first All-Montessori school. The Woodrow Wilson community is a diverse, student-centered environment dedicated to the promotion of safety, high achievement, creativity and teamwork in learning.

Strategic Partners

Montrose Management District
The Montrose Management District’s mission is to positively impact Public Safety, Economic Development, Environmental and Urban Design, and Mobility and Transportation to help create an environment attractive to business, to facilitate profitability, and to promote the redevelopment and growth of the area.

Municipal Area Museum Association
The Municipal Area Museum Association (MAMA) is a nonprofit neighborhood association that for nearly 30 years has promoted activism and social interaction through its civic-minded volunteers with the purpose of improving our neighborhoods and overall quality of life.

Museum District Association
The Houston Museum District Association is dedicated to collaborative efforts that maximize use of the artistic, scientific and educational resources of Houston Museum District institutions by all citizens of and visitors to Houston.